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Ann. 1074 Priority: 1 [2009-10-07 22:56:40 - Alpha 9] Posted By Mur
Next RPC to go off the list today is ... .Knator Commander.
An account i loved so much and represented me in many ways, (for those that didn't knew, it was mine), but also became slowly inactive, lost his role as a army commander in Loreroot too and was unable to keep up with the quest he started. A veteran Knaty has to retire too you know. The missions will continue, his name will remain what it represents today, both for me and for you, but there is no point anymore in keeping him on the RPC list. Ability to reward WP removed, but a pack of last , non regenerable, wishpoints rewarded so he can still reward some if realy needed. RPC related spells removed, ability to see secret player logs removed (and no it wont be used from an other acc of mine, Knaty will respect his abilities or inabilities).
Virtus et Honor