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Ann. 1693 Priority: 1 [2010-12-04 01:46:24 - Stage 10]
Land Promisory Notes - Silver and Gold
Kings can now exchange silver or gold to promisory notes by requesting this to (Council). They will have to transfer the amount of coins needed to a character they will be instructed to (Postman or an other carrier account) and provide proof of their transfer (log copy). There are only a fixed number of acceptable values: 10 Gold , 20 Gold , 50 Gold, 40 Silver, 100 Silver, 200 Silver. for now NO OTHER AMOUNTS will be accepted to be changed to notes. These notes help for fast transfers of large payments but also hold a different importance, a big one. They will be marked as a promisory note of that land. They are official equivalent of the declared amount and are usable anywhere where silver is, IF the seller doesn't say otherwise (in case of war for example). They are accepted for official md auctions, payments etc. They will be named in a standard way, plus land signature/name and will be of item type "valuables" just like coins. This means they will stack same as coins in your inventory. If a citizen wants to convert his coins to notes he will have to address to his king because for now only the king can request such a thing (will be influencing land economy). Council could assing dedicated roles for a better management of such conversions if the demand requires it.
-- Mur