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Ann. 1765 Priority: 2 [2011-03-24 23:21:59 - Stage 10]
No more Experience, but HEAT - Concept change
I am glad to announce one of the most important concept changes in the past years in MD. There is no more "Experience", its now the same with HEAT. Functionality at this point remains the same but things will change over time according to this concept. Heat is finally what it was supposed to be from the start and "Experience" as a concept is gone. XP was never too much "MD Style" anyway.

Player XP, Creature XP = Stored Heat
Max XP, or XP cap = Max heat tolerance
You dont gain xp but you store/refill heat
You dont lose XP but you free stored hear

The name changes are already in place and will be followed in time by functionality changes, things like heat burn, a more dynamic system of skill limits and more. This is a major change even if it might not seem so at this moment. The merger between heat and "xp" made heat be the "blood" of all activities in md, its used in some items to power them up, its used in fights, in creatures, in skills, character development and so on. The heat of the "erolin device" (glowing thin in right corner of the interface) is also heat , same heat as your stored heat, only in unstable form. Also from a story point of view, without any current implementation, Heat is the counterbalance of liquid dust and will be later called "negative heat" (as in "minus" not as in "bad", not the same with "cold"). This means a lot more but in the end it makes all perfect sense since the Shades are the counterbalance of the players too. This change fits as a glove on how things were already in MD, it is not shaking too much, but the name change might make you understand more of how things work in md. As usual, opinions about this are welcome on the forum.