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Ann. 2510 Priority: 1 [2013-03-11 17:01:58 - Stage 11] Posted By Council
We have spent some time looking at the possible options and feel that the best solution is to offer everyone that lost access due to the bugfix the ability to "trade in" some of their wishpoints for the access again. This would involve removing something that they had originally purchased. This is to reflect the fact that people may value access to these locations more than things they later purchased.
We are still very sorry that the fix had to be implemented, but want to try and ensure that as few people are affected by this as possible. If you lost access and wish to trade one or multiple of your Wishpoints for access, email us the following (copied from the used WP page) one or more times. Only those who lost access to the locations are able to do this.

WP access: Beserkers Charge

WP to remove:

Playername of wish giver on date:

Reason for WP:

Used for: Locate spell 8 charges, regenerable