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Ann. 2631 Priority: 1 [2013-06-12 01:40:53 - Stage 12] Posted By Council
Default item artworks needed
Awarding one gold per drawing for any item artwork that you created for one of your tools and are willing to provide to be used as a default image for all similar tools. Email with subject line "Default art for {itemname} - by {your playername}. Specify in the email your player ID, the item name and ID you created the artwork for. This is only valid for tools that others have too, such as shared items, NOT for personal items nobody else has. If any of the current default images were created by you already, write an email to same address specifying that and you will receive one gold for each of the used images. If you wish your art to be removed from the current default images, you can specify that also. Only the drawings used will be given one gold, if more people offer their art for the same item, only one will be selected.