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Ann. 3029 Priority: 2 [2014-06-07 19:48:13 - Stage 12] Posted By Mur
Full Authority Judges
Granos, Ailith and dst, have been granted a limited number of warrants, to apply any conviction, penalty, or take any FINAL and irrevocable decision in any conflict, or trial, in MD, against anyone, including themselves. As something special to this partial authority, they are allowed to use these warrants in conflicts involving i would have probably done. The only rules are that TWO of them need to agree to a decision and that I will have the last word on HOW their decision will be applied or made public/worded. This is because I DO NOT want veteran players or secret Council members reputations be tained long term by this. Past showed me that a simple decision can unfairly destroy someone's long term efforts and reputation, and this is something i try to avoid at all cost. I will personally assume any of their (limited number) decisions if needed publicly, so if i suddenly pop in into a conflict and close it by giving a final explained or unexplained decision, this might be because one of them decided so. If i will consider that the effects of the decision do not need my 'cover', they are allowed to announce it themselves... and I can only hope they will find the power to act as fair, unbreakable, judges.

Why? because once I acted so, now i am away, but MD needs this, and the personality of these 3 people is enough and well balanced to equal my decision power.

They each have 8 warrants. each time one is used, it should be sent back to me. These warrants do not expire and will remain unaffected by any future socio-political changes in MD. These warrants can be used against kings if needed, but not change concepts or decide in coding/balance matters..obviously. Concept matters remain mine and coding matters remain Chewetts to decide, as usual.