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Ann. 3575 Priority: 2 [2015-06-16 22:02:04 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
Story mode removal - FINISHED
I have now finished the final steps to fully remove story mode. In preparation for the new A25 start I have had to remove both the initial story mode, and the initial tutorial. The initial story mode has been removed for all accounts and the tutorial can be missed by choice.

At the moment you are able to start a new character without going through the tutorial using this link. This will eventually be more accessible but this exists for those who wish to create a new account now.

This completes the work I have been doing that Mur was unable to do, and now the setup for a new A25 based start can be done by Mur. This will build on the tutorial less start and will let us customise how players start. The start will soon be similar to the old Faction plans (ask a fossil for information if you dont remember this) for multiple different player starts. Accounts created this way have issues such as having low stats and no principles but we have plans for this. This has been a lot of work, but is a massive step forward for MD.