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Ann. 3649 Priority: 2 [2015-09-06 20:52:50 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
In about a months time, we shall hold a Torch Contest to see how the game has changed in the past years. However the rules shall be decided by the TC Master. They will attempt to make the TC a little fairer, possibly by assigning teams to each land before the TC or implementing other rules. If the TC goes well they will be rewarded greatly, as will the team who wins. The less likely your team is to win, the more prizes you will get. So do you form a small strong team and try hard, or a massive team and overpower them?

Post on the forum if you want to be the Game Master and explain why your game is fair and why you want to do it. A TC Master can request spells to play with the contest and even participate if they want. Its all up to them.

If the TC master deems teams will be predetermined, start scheming and picking a land you want to represent, some are easier to attack/defend than others and again, hardship will increase the reward.