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Ann. 3868 Priority: 1 [2016-03-12 16:51:49 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
Necrovion being evacuated - Note
There are still a couple of ways in (and out) of Necrovion, some of them where trapped some not, some i don't even know about. Using them now will only make me close them faster, i suggest you wait for things to cool down and then if you like, try if they still work, but be aware they will get closed once detected, so you might want to use them in a smart way not just so. For example, a smart way would be to plunder the land of creatures once they will slowly become extinct, or grab the various natural resources that will behave strangely after sections of the land will be depopulated. None of thewse actions will be permanent so either combine it with a role, or with a really good plan.