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Ann. 968 Priority: 2 [2009-08-12 16:15:08 - Alpha 9] Posted By Muratus del Mur
Lands Of The East
(Codename: The Tribunal)

East of the current realm, just outside the borders of Marind Bell and pass the passage of war, a few seeds (see Adventure Log) grew into a beautifull gate. The gate takes you now to a new realm, the realm where The Traveler comes from, a base for an entire new series of adventures and a continuation of some of the quests of this realm. A group of people form a exploration team and they will uncover one location per day. The new realm will be opened to the public at a speed of a few locations every few days. Its overall size: supposed to be huge, inhabitants: unknown, riches: supposed to be high, dangers: unknown, allignment: unknown.

Note: If you look at the MD box opened by the Angien in the beginning of MagicDuel (the main picture on the homepage) you can notice that all of these lands were allready depicted there, Golemus to the west and south, Nomansland and Marind in the middle tile of the box, Outer Necrovion to the south/east side, leaving Inner Necrovion exactly on the edge of the box (its a enormous pit afterall). The Archives were allready there years before they were launched, you can see the far far away tile just above Marinds Bell. The one tile unspoken of untill now is the clearly visible one at the East, the one most close to the Angien in the picture. This is The Tribunal, the land introduced just now. You can see now that the appearance of this land was predictable if you followed the clues. I will let you research yourself more about the clues left allover and enjoy the mysteries of MagicDuel because there are still many to be revealed.
Note 2: This type of clues have nothing to do with what is known as Ancient Lore, its all in front of your eyes in present days.