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Recording the Exploration of Directions

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I have been walking a path for a while now, looking for a path to follow and ignorant that it was under my feet. One of the few useful lessons I have gleaned from the ethers for myself is to keep my eyes open, there are mysteries and treasures everywhere - even places I have seen a thousand times hold surprises previously unseen by my eyes. I endeavour to remember to retrace my path, there are many closed paths and unexplored paths behind me as well as in front. Knowledge is success in this tortured land, action is often rash and unschooled. Patience and resilience are my sword and shield. I have achieved my first goal in managing to defeat the Guardians of Willow\'s Shop, and how paltry a feeling the success was. I was met by little enlightenment from the brute force - the understanding I gained from the scrapping in endless battles staring from the outside had done me much more good than the final success. I now long to know the mysteries of Lorewood and turn my attentions towards it\'s well guarded paths. I see this battle will perhaps require a little more cunning... Perhaps... In the mean time I shall sharpen my wits against the Broken Pattern Gazebo, my premier tutor in patience it is. Silent stone unmoveable - I would be so.

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.:Principles of Magic:.

Principle of Cyclicity
Principle of Balance
Element Principle
Principle of Enthropy
Principle of Imagination
Darkness Principle
Principle of Light
Principle of Syntropy
Time Principle
Transposition Principle

.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
Cures (intro)
Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
Group Spirit
The sword slash
~Fantasy Records~

.:Latest Adventurers:.

new player
Belltrond Sinadel
John Rothmaker
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Our purpose is not to give you an alternate world to escape your real one, its not to give you a casual game to relax, but to educate your mind in a way that is not
normaly possible. This "game" is highly addictive and might change you forever. Do not just play it ... learn from it ... because "it" learnes from you.