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The Diary of Kandice.

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Beneath The Hood And Cloak ~ Appearance
Any thief or rogue (who has played the game and lived) will tell you that there is a fine art to concealment, and many, many aspects are considered therein. Staying out of sight is but the most basic element involved, so obvious it almost goes without saying. In truth, a rogue worthy of their gold is a deceiver of all five humanoid senses… hearing, taste, touch, scent and sight.

While Kandice has some way to go before she has mastered this art form, she has learned and lived by it long enough (even trained for years on end under guidance of a Shadow Master and his underlings) to deceive the minds and senses of the unwary… and escape those of someone actively seeking her out or tracking her down.

If one had the chance to look upon this often carefully cloaked girl… at first glance they might not see much at all. She is quite practised at suppressing her emotions when it is necessary, as well as using body language, gestures and postures that do not reflect how she is actually feeling or thinking. Some of her favoured approaches, more recently, have been to appear more childlike and harmless… innocent and naïve… or even playful and seductive than her normal self.

Truly, in order to see Kandice for who she really is one must clear away or tear down illusion after illusion after illusion… So numerously she envelops herself with them.

The young woman is 16 years of age, and stands upright at a height of 5 foot 3 inches. Therefore she falls shorter than most men and women. She possesses an agile, nimble frame which allows her to squeeze into tight spots, dodge and evade attacks, and move very quickly… You have never seen someone run until you have seen Kandice in full sprint. However, this lean and lithe body of hers does not allow for strength of any sort. To give you an idea of just how physically weak she is… she once lost an arm wrestle to a man using his pinkie finger. Yet this is okay with her. “Brute force is for thugs, not thieves.”

Raven black strands of hair fall hither and thither about her ears, and they end at shoulder length. Every wisp is very straight and she cuts her hair herself… longer behind her ears, shorter in front of them with a straight snip across her fringe. Her skin is a rather pale white (because she doesn’t get out in the sunlight often), smooth to both sight and touch, and mostly free of distinguishing marks.

If there’s one feature about her which captures the attention of others, it’s her eyes. They have a stunning, emerald green glow to them which many people have found difficult to look away from, let alone forget. She obviously knows this well. When the occasion calls for Kandice getting her own way, it seems to require only a few deep and meaningful… yet at the same time unfathomable… gazes offered to the one opposing her. A few bats of her long eyelashes, accompanied by honey dripping words never go astray either. Her eyebrows are thin, well plucked and symmetrical.

She has a small, pretty nose and lush, full lips. Her teeth are relatively white (for this day and age) and straight, bar her upper and lower canines which naturally have a slight curl. Speaking of curls, Kandice has them in just the right places… (I’m sure you can only imagine). Her bosom is agreeably rounded although she is still maturing. She has a middle section that curls inwards before it curls outwards again at the hips, and a cute behind that also tends to catch the eye.

Her arms seem to be frail and thin, but her hands are frequently busy with something (cleaning, playing darts, serving drinks, looting your pockets…). Kandice keeps her sleek legs well shaven, and although they don’t give her the height she might desire, they still serve their purposes. She has small feet and enjoys painting her toenails (as well as fingernails, of course), but alas, it has been some time since she came across said paint.

The teen rogue is usually found wearing her darks – bodice, leggings, shoes and cloak. The leggings provide her with four pockets, two at the sides and two behind. From her simple belt hang a pair of chains, one on each side, and they lead to a locket on the left and a key on the right (which are both hidden in their respective side pockets). Coiled around her left wrist is a bracelet given to her by her friend Cryxus, made of wood and vines, it bears the symbol of a tiny mask.

More recently, her Mistress Calyx bestowed her with a beautiful, magnificent dagger. It was first given to Calyx as a gift from her Goddess, Isis, and she in turn passed it down to Kandice. The length of the blade is extensive for a dagger, not quite a short sword but nearing it, and set into the pommel is a valuable looking emerald. The scabbard is highly decorative and picturesque, covered in flowers and scenes of bounty, with embossed images of the Goddess herself.

The rogue has it strapped horizontally across the back of her belt, and generally her cloak obscures it. (Note that only a follower of Isis may hold or touch this weapon, it will repel away anyone lacking such a heart).

The Redistribution Of Wealth ~ Possessions
Coin Purse x 1 (cloth and string)
Gold Coins x 4
Silver Coins x 2

Bags x 2 (differing sizes)
Bandages x 2 (arm and stomach)
Bracelet x 1 (vines and wood)
Compass x 1
Darts x 3
Diary x 1
Feather Pen x 1
Ink Bottle x 1 (almost empty)
Locket Timepiece x 1 (chained)
Red Skeleton Key x 1 (chained)
Scroll x 1

Black Bodice x 1
Black Leggings x 1 (ankle length)
Black Underwear x 1 (set)
Green Hooded Cloak x 1
Simple Belt x 1
Soft Soled Shoes x 1 (pair)

White Dress x 1 (knee length)
Black Stockings x 1
White Underwear x 1 (set)
Hair Pins x 2
Simple Sandals x 1 (pair)

Thieving Tools
Lock Picks x 6 (differing shapes)
Torsion Wrenches x 2

Long Dagger x 1 (gem pommel)
Decorative Scabbard x 1

Some Rise By Sin, Some By Virtue Fall ~ Persona
Chaotic Neutral is called the ‘Anarchist’ or ‘Free Spirit’ alignment. A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, shirking rules and traditions. They typically act out of self-interest, but do not specifically enjoy seeing others suffer.

Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. On the downside chaos can include recklessness, resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions and irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behaviour say that only unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have within them.

Neutrality with respect to good and evil implies compunctions against killing the innocent, but also a lack of commitment when it comes to making sacrifices that would protect or help others. Neutral people can be committed to others, though only through personal relationships.

The aforementioned sections describe Kandice’s alignment in the simplest, truest form. It is how she reacts and responds to her acquaintances and newfound friends. Cryxus, Necromancer Mortis, SageWoman and Silver Renard may be individuals that believe this is who Kandice is.

If someone is focused enough (and fortunate enough) to pry their way into her life, to find a place in behind her walls of illusion, her alignment changes with respect to that person. She finally trusts, and becomes committed to the individual – thereby they are able to influence or manipulate her however they might wish. Her ‘neutral’ behaviour may lean towards ‘good’ or ‘evil’, so long as the trust is not broken. Her Mistress Calyx of Isis and WindSpirit are such individuals presently, though during her past Kandice’s mother and father fell into this category as well… obviously.

She is a rogue however, to be sure. When it comes to strangers, people she knows nothing or very little about, the playing field is completely open. She may feign any persona that is deemed fit at the time, and will maintain such until she is able to grasp what they’re about or the kind of person they are. For example, Khalazdad and Zleiphneir were men with whom she feigned degrees of fear… Truth be told, there was no real fear – she is very curious about them both but knows well enough that ‘curiosity killed the cat.’

Necessity Makes An Honest Man A Knave ~ History
Chapter 1
Kandice was born of a woman called Angela. She was an unfortunate woman. Her life had taken many turns – a few of those turns were good, but many more of them were for the worse. With a newborn baby, cradled safely in her arms, she knew things had become all the more complicated. “Such is life…” she often said.

She embraced the change, no matter how difficult it was going to be, without regretting that which had come to pass even for a moment. Deep down, the mother knew she had made the right choice – to have and raise her child. That was who Angela was. Despite all the trials and troubles placed before her, she would not succumb to them. She would cope with them one at a time – if they beat her down she picked herself up, and if the ordeal was overcome she continued onto the next.

Without this philosophy the mother would have never survived her harsh reality, and thus her baby may never have drawn her first breath.

To tell the whole truth, the mother and her child lived in scarcely more than a hovel, amongst the slums of a bustling and crowded city. They filled a considerable portion of the residential area and became established in their own right (as much as a collection of timber planks nailed together can be considered ‘established’). These slums were ignored by the upper classes and rulers, and were taxed as severely as the other areas. So as time pressed on the unfortunates only increased in number, and threatened to spill out into the other aristocratic districts.

In this city the rich grew richer and the poor became poorer. That’s all there was to it. For the lower class inhabitants, trying to survive in their ramshackle huts, there were no opportunities to make an honest living. Seemingly there were no respectable ways to survive.

Men were forced to take what they needed to get by. Even those of good hearts and decent intentions had families to clothe and feed. Many of them relished their misdeeds however, and by night the city was devoured by an unseen plague… thieves, criminals and murderers. They stole what they wanted, when they wanted, and anyone who stood up to them was callously killed then and there… or assassinated at a later date.
In such a desperate setting, where horrors unspeakable took place each day, there was no woman whom felt safe. Those with knowledge of a trade, and able to come by materials to work with, risked offering their services in the streets… but their stalls were often stolen from. Only some were able to profit enough to scrape their way into the next week, and those that fell behind had few options available to them.

They could leave the slums, set off on a perilous journey to the next town with empty stomachs and the clothes on their back… and if they made it to those gates beg to be allowed entry. If they chose to stay usually the only way to make a few coins was to plead with the thieves for help. That meant becoming a tool or pawn in their schemes (or worse), for the Shadow Masters that controlled the sects were mostly despicable males. Each sect was a sinister, patriarchal society where females were mostly expendable.

Failing those options, the only common alternative was to do as Angela did.

Kandice’s mother was a prostitute. Everyone needed coin to survive, everyone had necessities they needed to find ways to pay for and Angela was no different. Several other women trying to endure in the slums felt forced to do the same. Truth be told, the child’s father could have been one of any number of men (although Angela was certain she knew who he was). So many had found their way to her bedside before her child was born, and as Kandice was raised and grew older, they still did so.

During her earliest years the toddler did not understand, oblivious as toddlers are. However, as Kandice aged and the years rolled on she was quickly able to wrap her juvenile mind around it, that which was happening to her mother. The little girl did not recognize it as something bad – that’s simply how things were and how they had always been. Always it was something behind closed doors, and at worst there were chores to be done around the house… Better yet such took place long after she had gone to sleep.

In spite of what one might believe… Angela was a very good mother to her daughter – she gave of her kind heart and gentle spirit every day. She loved Kandice more than anyone else in her entire life, and to be sure, it could be said that her child was the only one she felt love for. She spent her every waking hour either spending time with her daughter, or doing things that would benefit her in some way. Everything she knew (except those things not meant for a child’s ears) she taught to her precious daughter, and in return, Kandice loved her mother as deeply as any little girl could…

…And so the night Angela died… peacefully, during a bitter-cold winter, the grief her young one felt was… nigh unimaginable.

Only at the tender age of nine, and Kandice was suddenly… alone.

* * * * *

The Rogue Life Is Never Simple ~ History
Chapter 2

(She finds this too difficult to write, for now.)

* * * * *

The Shades, The Sisters & The Sanctuary ~ Background
Chapter 3
In the beginning, if such a point in time may be called that, there was only a consciousness. Like rousing from a nightmare and drifting into a dream… without awakening in between. With memories of a fitful sleep fresh in the mind, the consciousness was experiencing a peaceful slumber… or so it seemed. It did not know what it was, or who it was. It did not know where it had been, where it was going to go, or even where it was now.

This awareness, it was able to see… and yet it could not be seen. It was able to hear… and yet could not be heard. It was able to touch… feeling nothing itself, and yet realizing it could affect this reality.

The silhouette looked over its surroundings. Papers and parchments were spread across the walls. There were shelves lined with books and texts… though the most alluring object was a shimmering scroll, strewn across a table, aglow with both sorcery and sunlight of the outside world. At first the silhouette could not understand any of these things, despite the wealth of knowledge they held. However, the more the consciousness began to think, the more it began to question, and in turn the more those questions were answered.

The Paper Cabin was a setting entirely unfamiliar. It was a simple room with what seemed to be a simple purpose – to store information. This knowledge covered a wide variety of topics and each passage and paragraph held a practical use – the know-how to get by in this world. These were the first wave of answers, but… when answers are reaped, further questions are sown.

To whom did the Paper Cabin belong to? Who would gather or record this kind of information, and why? At this point another memory resurfaced in the apparition… Perhaps it was wisdom read, perhaps it was a voice listened…“Information is gold. Knowledge is power. Hide your gold lest it be stolen and reserve power lest it be used against you.” With these beliefs in mind, anyone with a pencil could have chronicled these passages. They would want to do so because the undertaking was worthwhile.

Whoever the person was they were not here now. Would they return sooner, later or at all? Upon asking itself this latest question the apparition experienced a kind of… otherworldly instinct. It was an instinct that it had felt on a hundred occasions, and yet this time the feeling seemed new. Familiarity and unfamiliarity blended together. “Take gold from those who flaunt it. Praise or taunt the powerful to learn all that you may.”

These were ideal circumstances of flaunting information. If and when the flaunter would return were unknowns – that did not prevent the silhouette from taking all that was available and learning all that may prove useful…

…to be continued.

* * * * *

“It’s been a long dark road but I remember when it meant the world to me. It’s been a long dark day and a cold black night and it still gets hard to see, ‘cause they don’t know me and they never will.

It’s been a long dark road – I still remember why it took so much out of me. It’s a shallow pond we’re swimming in and it makes it hard to breathe, ‘cause they don’t know me and they never will. No they don’t know why or how it feels to live.

It’s been a long dark road and I remember skies that weren’t so hard to see. It’s been a long dark day and I remember nights that made me… me, ‘cause they don’t know me and they never will, and they don’t know why or how it feels to live.”

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.:Principles of Magic:.

Principle of Cyclicity
Principle of Balance
Element Principle
Principle of Enthropy
Principle of Imagination
Darkness Principle
Principle of Light
Principle of Syntropy
Time Principle
Transposition Principle

.:Innermagic Spells:.

Wind Ward
Black Water
Group Scattering
Circle of Flames
Cures (intro)
Timeless Shot
Strike (Numerology: the number 1)
Protection (Numerology: the number 2)
Leader Spirit
Group Spirit
The sword slash
~Fantasy Records~

.:Latest Adventurers:.

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Belltrond Sinadel
John Rothmaker
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