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Transposition Principle

An identity can be associated with every object, action or living creature. The more we get to know of an object’s nature, the clearer its identity becomes. For completely understanding an identity or a mark, we must not take into account time and we must combine all the stages of that object’s existence into one continuous thought. For instance, an action can be condensed to a simple identity, understanding the beginning, the course and the end of that action as a whole. A human can be defined through an identity understanding his existence from his birth until present times and not judging him in a certain situation. Two identical or close identities will behave as if they belonged to the same source, no matter the physical distance that separates them. By reproducing the aforementioned identity in a place, that identity will be connected to all its similar identities. This phenomenon is also to be noticed when a mother feels that her child is in trouble, and also in some rituals like voodoo, when a mere doll has direct influence upon a real character. The ability to identify and understand these identities is not sufficient; it is also necessary for these to be able to be transposed into various forms, the force of their reproduction resulting in the power of the connection that is created between these identities. This thing can be done with the help of a connection to the initial identity, like hair (or other) for humans. In complex situations, when the identity of an action or of an intangible thing is reproduced, the phenomenon is only mental. Understood and recomposed at a very high level, this identity represents itself the existence of the initial object in this world, therefore, for instance, acknowledging the markidentity of a geographical spot may produce teleportation phenomena or even the materialization of distant objects; reproducing the identity of a feeling may produce telepathy phenomena, or even mental control upon other beings. At a more refined level of perceiving these identities, whole series of events can be acknowledge as a single complex thought, a uniform and clear one that is able to foresee future actions, or by reproducing the identity of an action the mentioned actions may be reproduced, for instance modifying the evolution of a battle and changing the luck as it is said. Remarkable phenomena occur when complex identities are reproduced and impregnated into less complex objects, like the mark of a victory (a very complex thought) reproduced upon the bladeidentity of a sword, or the identity of a complex technique, let’s say invisibility, reproduced into a coatcloak. Depending on the force and skill that created these things with hybrid identities, these can range in classification from talismans and objects with symbolical proprieties to really magic objects.


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.:Innermagic Spells:.

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