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Player ID: 259857
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 108
Luck : 52
Energetic immunity : 137
Trade sense : 149
Briskness : 184
Initiative : 82
Defence : 315
Attack : 328
Power : 76
Volition : 436
Mining : 17
Woodcutting : 13
Herbalism : 13
*excavation : 13
Waterhandling : 14
Finesse : 13
Cartography : 29
*taming : 6
Gardening : 6
Sun God Armour
Time Principle = 330
Principle of Enthropy = 2712
Transposition Principle = 4000
Loading human character...
Battle stats
Won: 913 | Lost: 919
Honor: 4647
MindPower: 5

Soldiers of the Inner Sun
(Lands Of The East)
The oneness of your housing is at 40 %


Once Ailith of the Crystal Citadel, a Water Nymph who was driven from her home by demons, now she is of MagicDuel. Following a sacrifice and rebirth, she is keen to discover more about the realm she loves.


Tall in stature with a motherly appearance and calm, reassuring aspect, Ailith is an unassuming middle-aged woman who seems to be guided by one simple word.. adventure.


An avid researcher and writer, she plans on committing herself to the understanding of the geography of the realm, the study of its population, activity and the exploration of all places existing and yet to be found.


Explorer, adventurer, researcher.. this is the path she longs to follow.


In her backpack she carries:






Nautical divider

Magnifying Glass




Day 50 Year 14: MaGoHi made me a Baconeer!

Some of my creatures
Bert Barren Soul - 14th Anniversary


Golem’s Reflection


Ailith kneels before the fires at Mount Kelle’tha and speaks the following words:


“Truth. Balance. Reason”


Before her an image of a broken antique hand mirror frame appears, with only shards and dust of the mirror remaining. Ailith nods and utters:


“Truth. Transposition. Light”


The shards and dust leave the frame and approach her, whirling around her for a few moments as though she had millions of stars surrounding her.


“Truth. Entropy. Time.”


They then coalesce to create three larger shards and move to hover in front of her eyeline, reflective surfaces facing her. Each holds a different image.


To begin the quest, please find Ailith awake in game and during a conversation with her, ask “What did you see in the first shard?



This quest involves some writing, so success and rewards will come from the following criteria:

Effort: Outstanding / Average / Minimal

Content: Outstanding / Average / Minimal

Relevance: Outstanding / Average / Minimal

Effort means the amount of time and thought you spend on your response, Content means the consideration you have given to actually writing the response and relevance means how closely your response is connected to what I am asking of you.

Please note: I will NOT be judging your grammar, spelling or level of written English if it is not your native language. What matters to me is your own personal style and expression.

(All contestants who pass the bar on the first section of this quest will be allowed to continue with the second part which will be published in one or two months)




Page 495 - Seeds Of The East
"You mean i risked my entire Libs army for some ..SEEDS?". Akasha turns dark spreading her wings more and speaks with a thunderous voice "Do you question the mission? Maybe you want to return?" Lib, backing off a bit says,"Oh, come on, stop doing that, you are pretty scary when you do that. Ok ok, whatever you say, seeds shall be then" at that moment HandyPockets falls on the ground almost breaking her neck at the impact. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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