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The Crescent
Drago Voss




Assira the Black
Player ID: 141566
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 159
Energetic immunity : 200
Trade sense : 147
Briskness : 193
Initiative : 104
Defence : 673
Attack : 1198
Power : 296
Luck : 109
Volition : 683
Filtering : 1
Finesse : 2
Waterhandling : 1
Cartography : 19
*excavation : 0
Herbalism : 3
Experimentalism : 0
Gardening : 0
*taming : 0
Royal Guard
Darkness Principle = 4000
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Element Principle = 4000
Transposition Principle = 4000
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
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Battle stats
Won: 1977 | Lost: 1977
Honor: 4536
MindPower: 5

(Lands Of The East)
The oneness of your housing is at 10 %

Just the Beginning
A shaman, a dancer, and tainted.
I have walked a long path to reach this point. Once a slave, a traitor, became tainted... all to reach a state of chaos.  Breaking the stagnant state of being. To remain still is to have apart of me die.  
Given an opportunity I could not pass, I accepted the taint within my veins. It was an opportunity... an opportunity to create Chaos. It did not take long for its affect to take hold of my mind and body. Anger took hold of my mind and those that crossed my path felt its bite. Many fights followed after my tainting. My prey and I sharing many wounds. The wounds, both self-inflicted and from the battles, would not heal properly. My body began decaying just as my mind. The voices... the urges... the hunt. It will not stop, even with the gauntlet to help me control my mind and the decaying stopped... the taint is still present and I enjoy its Chaos.

Still tainted but searching for something more... Knowledge. As a shaman in my home world, knowledge was key to survival. Learning about one's environment and community, helped to expand my skills to survive its harsh life. There the spirits were key to my powers and a source of information. Tapping into the spirits energies, magic came to life. Spirits informed the people what plants were good poisons and medicine.
Here things are different. Heat veins flow through the land, a mystery that I research to uncover its meaning and affects.
I collect plants, vials, perfumes, magic items, chalk, and other apothecary items to expand upon my skills as a shaman from my home world. Some I have had the opportunity to use in a blood resurrection ritual.
Clothing items and masks are for the Masks of the Mist guild that I created.

Tag: Chaotic Shaman. Or Mistress of Chaos
Onyx Tipped Staff- a cursed wooden staff with an onyx shard embedded on the tip of the wood.
I would like an ability with that staff but do not wish to state here what I want it to do.
Onyx Bowl
Heat vein related spell
Book of Spells and Rituals-item that contains written documents of spells and rituals performed by Assira
Would be pleased with any of the above or something that others think is befitting of my role

Description: I am a female human who is 5'6" with golden brown skin and brownish-black hair that reaches just below my shoulders. I have a scar in the shape of a eye on my left hand and I had some tattoos that were once painted on but once I was able to turn into my fire form the tattoos became permanent. The tattoos are there to remind me of who I am. I am 24 years old. Has a burn on the upper right arm that use to be the symbol of the Caretakers but now it is a mass of scare tissue from a second burn being place upon it marking her as a traitor to the Caretakers. A more recent brand has been placed on the underside of her right wrist in the shape of a nightshade leaf, a symbol for Necrovion.
"The Snake, deadly deceiver, who walks without legs sideways in the sand."

 Items (not apart of the inventory system) carried: Belly dancing out fits, leather and cloth armor, Bob flower blossom (from Intrigue, rp), stone (The Crescent, rp), string of bells (Kittiness, rp), was given Jester's Blood Stone and Klawdees's Blood Stone by Dragual Monarth, and a bag to hold it all.
Some of my creatures
Chaos Angien Sentinel Tamed Reindrach Doppelganger Imperial Aramor Assassin Rustgold Madhorn Santa IV BloodPact Dark Archer III Angien BloodPact Chaos Archer Chaos Archer Master of Puppets

Masks of the Mist Booth

Welcome, for now the booth is not much; except for myself, the items I carry, and a few jobs for those that come by. If you look around there are some items that you can purchase, if you have either coin or completed enough jobs for me. Tell me what you want to buy and the trading will begin. If you have not taken on a few jobs, just ask me what is available and I will give you something to do. Some tasks and quests can be found at the Information Center in the panel on the front step of the GoE. A few of those quests and tasks overlap with this point system, while others are sponsored by other lands or quest makers.

--Assira the Black


1)People can help each other on certain tasks and quests; but if it has been found that a person is doing the task or quest for an individual. Then I will interfer; if it continues to become a problem where that person is repeatedly doing the quests for others then he/she will be given negative points equal to the task/quest. If uncertain then ask.

2)If quest items are stolen, after approaching the person if they do not return the item they will be given negative points double to what the item/quest is worth (so if the quest is worth 5points the person will receive -10points). As things progress then so do I.

3)Tasks can only be completed two times per quarter: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December.

4)Quests can only be completed once unless otherwise specified.

5)Points can also be awarded to quest makers, coders, and judges that link/overlap with this system. So keep notes and inform me on what is going on to receive points for this.

6)Once a year this system will be reviewed to ensure that any market fluctuations are accounted for.

7)Quest, tasks, participants, coders, quest makers, judges, trades, and so on will be recorded as much as possible. So only give items and etc. if I am awake, otherwise it makes it difficult to track who did what.

8)Items will be given at purchase and for the purchase of someone using an ability or spell on you (or on a person you chose) payment of points for the abilities will happen when it is cast. It may take some time to get a hold of the castor so do not expect it to immediately happen.

9) Remember have a fun and interesting time.

--Assira the Black

Reward Shop

Tier 1:5-10pts
1 Silver Coin
31 coins in stock
5 pt
15* Resin
1 set in stock
10 pt
When something has a * next to it, this means that that is the amount that normally goes for that price but that the current number of that item is a little above the set amount. For example: It may say 15*Resin but in inventory I have 16 resin, the 16 will be exchanged for the 10pts that 15 normally would go for. So you get 1 resin for free.

Tier 2:15-20pts
Thorny Crown
1 in stock
20 pts
Heretic Archer Card
2 in stock
20 pts
NC Handkerchief
1 in stock
20 pt
Drachorn book ends
1 in stock
A piece of bark
1 in stock
15* Balloon
1 in stock

Tier 3: 25-30pts
Invisibility Stone
1 in stock
25 pts
Black Rose
1 in stock
30 pts

Tier 4: 50-70 pts
Toad Speak
1 in stock
50 pts
Assira's Autograph
3 in stock
60 pts
Drop of Blood
2 in stock
60 pts

Tier 5:100-400 pts
Bloodpact Archer
Age: ~500
Heat: 806231
200 pts
Imperial Aramor
400 pt

Tier 6: 500-800 pts
1 cast/use
500 pts
Spells/Item abilities will be cast/used as soon as possible and on the target chosen. The points will be subtracted upon the cast or use. Please be patient as the correct people are contacted. You may not purchase a spell/item to be used months later, I have enough records to keep track of that I do not wish to add to the confusion. If you wish for a spell or ability to be used at a specific event you can talk with me ahead of time and arrangements made. But the points will be deducted at the time of the cast and the person using the ability has the right to refuse its cast if: the cool down is still active, rl issues, and if they cancel the ability before someone attempts to purchase it with points. I will not allow people to refuse the 'reward' because they do not like the person buying it, that defeats the purpose of the reward system. --Assira the Black

Items for Sale

Toxic Plants
266 units
Make offer
Fine Sand
180 units
Make offer
30 units
Make offer
Blank Blank Blank

Trade Log

A list of transactions that have taken place for the Booth.

Quest Log

Current Quests or tasks for this quarter that people have completed.


A brief summary of quests and tasks completed per quarter. The forums will be more detailed in this area.


Anything that does not currently fall under one of the tabs.

Page 555 - One Man, Many voices
Once realising the being was there, Pipstickz and lashtal began to converse with the speaker in an attempt to find out more. Initially the conversation benign in its nature turned investigative. After some talking Pipstickz grew tired and while smiling, drew a circle in the sand. Immediately the old mans eyes seemed to glow less. Lashtal watched from outside the circle as Pipstickz prostrated himself in front of the old man, going to sleep after his adoration. Lashtal looks at the sleeping man wondering whether that circle is all it seems. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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