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Player ID: 252664
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Volition : 400
Regeneration : 24
Energetic immunity : 42
Trade sense : 19
Briskness : 36
Initiative : 26
Defence : 111
Attack : 129
Luck : 11
Power : 36
Herbalism : 4
Cartography : 20
Filtering : 0
Finesse : 0
Waterhandling : 0
Gardening : 0
Sun God Armour
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Transposition Principle = 972
Darkness Principle = 625
Principle of Syntropy = 287
Principle of Balance = 521
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Battle stats
Won: 418 | Lost: 413
Honor: 1349
MindPower: 4
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Azrafar the drifter
I am a drifter. I go from place to place, riding the waves of destiny.
Like a leaf, carried by the wind until it's fall. 

I travel on a whim. 
Searching for new places 
or returning to places I adore. 
Searching for secrets or serching for a prise. 
Traveling at day, traveling at night. 
I will rest when I'm finaly done.
I am a No Land's Man from No Man's Land. 
I am not a part of any alliance and never will be.
An alliance can open doors, 
but for every door opened many are closed.

I follow no gods. Never did. 
I stand on my own mortal strenght. 
Moving towards my demise, but never broken.
I endure, to see my story unfold till the end.


Jurney to the East:

I decided to make a jurney to the East, in hope of discovering some of the secrets of that far away land.
I don't know how long this will take me, or how hard my travel might be, but I feel I am prepared now.
I also hear that the gardens are well preserved. I might get some herbs too, keeping in mind the regulations of course.

~ Day: 310, Year: 9 ~

Lania geve me some blue candy and I've got a piece of cake from Ailith.
I hope these will give me enough strenght to overcome the obsticles in my way.

Start of the jurney: I met Ailith at the gates. He advised me to visit the pub for some refereshments when I get there. I hope they sereve some drinks for free. I don't have too much to offer at the moment.

I crossed the gates and I have to say I was a bit dishearted to see that the herbs were not taken care of. They were barely suitable for harvest. At the Ascent I found the same. Maybe further in I will find more caring for these precious resources.

~ Day: 311, Year: 9 ~

I reached the gates of the Statue Hall. I stoped for a little cake and then pushed through with renewed strenght.
It's a relief to see that the inner gardens are well maintained. I'll picked a  few herbs while I'm here.
I met Amber Rune on the streets. She was stalking, as usual. I swear, she is everywhere.

I hope I can find the pub today and stay there for a sleep (probably under the counter, unless it is a taver).
I found the kitchen instead and got tangled up there. I won't make it to the pub today.
I also found a recepie book about cakes. Might come in handy.

~ Day: 312, Year: 9 ~

Finaly reached the pub, just at the start of the new day (before 1 AM).

Ho oves eher, butt het dirks ar goot.

I got drunk on absinthe. It brought sweer dreams... and hangover.
I'll bring back some drinks to the main land. Maybe throw a pary one day.

I found a magnificient statue just before the crossroads. It inspred me to achieve my dreams. To go on and never give up. So I will push on, till I reach the end of this path. (Then I hope I'll have a faster travel back to the mainland.)

If course, I take a nap and wake up with spiced picles and cakes in my pocket. Never asked for it, but why am I even complaining at this point.

I found the Temple of the Void and it is... well void.

The trip through the town down the road was iteresting. Closing this day with some tea tasting.

~ Day: 312, Year: 9 ~

Woke up with hangover again and a with less absinthe. This is going to be a problem...

Moving on to the shore. 
Note: Need matches and tinder. Also candle. 
Tinder: + 
Matches: +
Candle: +

No wonder there is a good selction of drinks in the pub. Stills are all over the place.

~ Day: 313, Year: 9 ~

I met Samon. He was kind to keep me company and guide me around. It is amazing how easily one can get lost in that roundabout. We found the Drywater Temple. I wish I could read the text on it.
I also helped out an old man, a gardner, by removing blight from the vines, wich started to bloom now.

~ Day: 314, Year: 9 ~

I finaly reached the end of my jurney. The East gate.
I'm turning back now. Exploring the town a bit more before I leave the Tribunal.
I'm out of supplies though, or more precisely, suplies that I am willing to use. I still have spicy pickels left. Using them seems like a waste...

~ Day: 315, Year: 9 ~

The jurney back won't be as exciting, but I hope I can get to make a cake before I leave. No luck with the cake,but I founsd some teacups and a teapot. I'll throw a teaparty in a fewdays if everything goes right.

I finaly left the gates. Ferwell ancient land. For now.

Some of my creatures
Sasha of the Veil Hecate Andrey Angien Exfoliating Grasan Roh'Kaar A Grasan named Slick Giant tree of Ull

Never hate
I don't hate. Hate consumes people. I don't want ot be consumed by it.
I get annoyed or angry at times. Or I just don't like certain things. But I never hate.

What I don't like:
I don't like when others give me gifts and stuff for free without telling me first.
I don't like it when people just shove things in my hand. I am greatful of course, I recognise their generosity.
I just feel endebted against my will when it happens. At least tell me that you want to give me something (that you can spare it).
Tell, don't shove.

(This is it the list for now.)

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