: Fang Archbane points to the small creature "this, is a Remains. Though small now, it will do two things for you. Firstly, it will allow you to gain losses if you so wish" : Fang Archbane "secondly, in due time it will grow large and strong, and it will become a pillar of strength for both you and your other creatures. He is yours if you answer one question. Who are you?" : Fang Archbane hops Lintara will forgive his transgression into her land and creatures, but knows this might interest Carrol in Loreroot... hrm, give and take, let fate decide Carrol: I am growing into Carrol. Carrol: and it is all I can do not to answer Fang Archbane : Fang Archbane smiles a warm half smile "There are no right or wrong answers. Is that your full answer? : Mallos crippled Fang Archbane Carrol: As full as I know to give in this land of half full, half truth, half everything.