1.The end of mankind
2. Long overdue ceremony officially making me MD's Supreme Ruler
3. Long overdue ceremony officially making me Supreme Ruler over the Land of the East
4. Ability to enter night mode whenever I choose
5. Permanent access to every restricted location in Necrovion
6. Permanent access to every restricted location in Loreroot
7. Permanent access to every restricted location in GG
8.shop resets

Axel Keravnos: (Hello there, I would just like to comment that I have no stats anymore, thanks. I will be keeping all my creatures dead forever take care thanks for ruining the game)

Axel Keravnos: (For some reason I think you love ruining the game, like a pathetic loser who has no friends. I pity you. I really do, go get a life and stop ruining other peoples fun because you are a sour ignorant)

Axel Keravnos: (Person)
Axel Keravnos: (That is all I have to say, take care and I hope you get what comes to you. I hope your life is as miserable as you try to make others.)
Axel Keravnos: (Plus you are a coward and can't stand a challenge, using stat damage to make sure other people can never contend with you. So sad really)
             Axel Keravnos: Yes Eon and with the negative 1.5 million minus vp you gave me..
Axel Keravnos: I will never battle again.
Axel Keravnos: Even if I wanted to.
ignnus: ...............off Eon seriously
ignnus: i'll creat 10 alts and lock you from day to night if you don't .................. off
ignnus: now you did it
ignnus: don't forget this day
ignnus: i will kill you
ignnus: bah..
Tal: mm?
ignnus: eon..
ignnus: ........ off Eon
ignnus: go cry in your bed

ignnus: please stop following me I beg you

nadrolski: kiss my ass EOn
nadrolski: what the ....... you looking at, EOn?
nadrolski: you want to kiss my ass again?
nadrolski: you can kiss my ass all the time you want to
nadrolski: now eat my ....

nadrolski: hee comes the person who lacks attention hehe
: nadrolski high fives mur's fave pet

Ann. 2674 - [2013-07-15 04:32:23 - Stage 12]
Eon, first official killer
After a lifetime of fighting, and a long period of staying away from the realm, Eon returns and puts his unbelievable skills to good use as a professional killer. For blank kill contracts, contact him.

Ann. 2673 - [2013-07-15 03:50:29 - Stage 12]
Kill Contracts - A public way to order someone's death
A killer can offer for whatever reason he wants to (sell, trade, award, etc), a blank kill contract. The receiver of this contract can use it to name someone that he wants dead. Killer needs to attack and win against the victim with fightcause set to "kill". In the last few minutes of the fightcause trigger, the contract can be activated and used to confirm the kill on the target. If ANYONE attacks and wins against the killer with fightcause set to "interceptkill", the kill order is sabotaged and the contract can't be used till the fightcause triggers expire. Ability to issue kill contracts will be given only to roles that fit, both in power and character history. The first character to receive this ability (and the one it was designed for initially) is a surprise, to be announced next

Ann. 2460 - [2012-12-30 11:35:54 - Stage 11]
Eon retires
One of the most fierce fighters in MD history retires. His stats and influence on MD will be remembered.

Ann. 2334 - [2012-06-18 21:54:18 - Stage 11]
Eon Resigns as Boss Heads Contest Master
Eon has resigned from being Boss Heads Contest Master. Reasons and more details you can read on the forum. The position of Boss Heads Master is now open to the one who shows dedication enough to combat to warrant it.

Ann. 2288 - [2012-04-25 23:32:20 - Stage 11]
Birthday TC
This was an interesting event for us, seeing different tactics and participation, but the coders ran out of time to implement it, it was rushed at the last minute. For this we are sorry. But the concept in general was complete.

Eon wins an Anniversary Aramor for being the fairest competitor, he played the contest as we had intended and got the highest score.

Two honourable mentions are also Lightsage and Darkraptor. Both of these people found the exploits in the contest and managed to rack up high scores. However since we didn't feel this was entirely fair, they are not awarded an Aramor, but both have earned a reward.

We might run an event like this again, with some changes.

Ann. 2286 - [2012-04-25 02:10:24 - Stage 11]
Dominion Journey Winners
Following players managed to be the first ten to pass the last gate keeper and win the Dominion Journey challenge: *Shadowseeker*, AmberRune, Aelis, Eon, Zleiphneir, Zyrxae, *Burns*, FlyingChipmunk, JadenDew, Grido. They all received a puzzle medal, and those that had one got a gold one (new). They also had a chance to request a custom reward or to receive a Melodic Charm item and be among the first to access the drach cave and its riches.

Ann. 2172 - [2012-01-17 14:27:12 - Stage 11]
A "kingslayer" medal was awarded retroactively to the following players for classified missions of obvious nature :D. These actions include recent but also ancient events where pressure was put on certain leading characters to test their strength or find their breaking point: *dst*, Granos, Eon

Ann. 2164 - [2012-01-07 21:54:07 - Stage 11]
MagicDuel Awards 2011

This year there were 14 categories and 32 nominees. The nominees were:
Amoran K Kol, Azull, BFH Lightning, Brulant, Burns, Chewett, Curiose, Dragonrider, Eon, Fyrd Argentus, Guillak, Ivorak, Jester, Jolla, Lashtal, Maebius, Marvolo, MRAlyon, MRI, Mya Celestia, Nadrolski, Neno Veliki Passant the Weak, Phantom Orchid, Pipstickz, Ravenstrider, Seigheart, Shadowseeker, Shemhazaj, Tipu, Yrthilian and Zleiphneir

The winners were:
Amoran K Kol - Best Beautification, Best Spell Caster, The Golden Protector
BFH Lightning - Outstanding Service To MD
Chewett - Most Addicted
Eon - Champion Fighter, Elite Evil Villain Of The Year
Fyrd Argentus - Prime Quest, Top Techie
Maebius - Adventuring Award
Mya Celestia - Helper Of The Year
Passant the Weak - Rookie Of The Year
Yrthilian - Fossil Of The Year
Zleiphneir - Pre-eminent Role Player

Ann. 2076 - [2011-11-12 07:20:00 - Stage 11]
Sent to jail for shared tools related abuse: Nadrolski, Paracelsus, Mighty Pirate. jail time two weeks (to be relased after day 330). At the time i issued the warnings i said something about a bounty for anyone helping to track item related abuses or potential abuses, the bounty collected by Eon.

Ann. 2061 - [2011-10-23 13:26:26 - Stage 11]
Public roles will start with 2 initial penalty/trust points and gain 1 every 6month. By that counting method these are the new new trust points: King accounts keep current numbers that they have but will start in the future from 2 points the same way. Current kings will gain +1 at 6mo intervals counting from now. Chewett rulez with the most trust points 9 (2+7) , Grido has 7 (2+5), Seigheart has 2 (first 2), Eon has 2 (almost 3). More trust points will be announced after discussing the dates with their holders. The dates when each character points regenerate are known by each one and can be made public by them if anyone asks them.

Ann. 1969 - [2011-08-09 16:37:28 - Stage 10]
King Yrthilian received a penalty point for forcing someone into his land just to jail him. He claims to have done this on purpose to prove kings have no other way to punish someone in case needed. Eon was not a citizen at the time this happend so any law issued by the king can't apply to him. He was released, tag/description fixed back.

Ann. 1868 - [2011-06-03 23:23:41 - Stage 10]
Eon, the champion of BHC Fierce Edition, selected the power option as his reward. Starting today Eon is the Boss Heads Master, he will organize the main BHC event but also a lot of more side events involving heads. Things like private contests, land based competitions and a lot more. The main BHC competition will remain a rare and important event, highly rewarded. More details about upcomming competitions or events will be from now on posted by Eon in the forums and in-game on the news pannel (upper right corner alerts)

Ann. 1864 - [2011-06-02 02:10:58 - Stage 10]
Second place in BHC contest will receive a reward too (to be disclosed at the end). It looks like Eon is unbeatable regardless of rules or contest stage, but the fight for the second place is quite strong. Just a bit over a full day remaining till the contest ends.

Ann. 1859 - [2011-05-30 12:48:51 - Stage 10]
Eon is leading the BHC with over ten times more score than the second fighter after him *Clock Master*. To make things a little bit more tensed , Eon score was dropped 20k and a 6622 heads ball was removed from the contest. The last 20k score of the first stage will be about hunting. No stats or tokens will matter either! Once score reaches 100k, the final stage of the BHC Fierce Edition will start.. in a surprise location :)

Ann. 1800 - [2011-04-16 03:13:39 - Stage 10]
Biggest Spender medals
The following are the top 30 people that supported MD financially by buying the most credits over time. Some of them are no longer playing, yet they are still in the top supporters of all time. This list is generated based on credits available+spent on personal account and does not include gifts to other players. I remind you that credits can also come from rewards, prizes, gifts, etc and that for subscriptions they are 50% more. Regardless of source, all credits count in this toplist too not the actual payments. Many of you maybe invested more through gifts sent to other players. If you received a credit gift from an other player _not on this list_, please attend the Spender Medal Ceremony and name that player when asked. I will give a couple of medals for popular spender, not based on actual count. Sadly I can count only your credits in MD, counting individual payments from multiple sources would take way too much time, so I am really sorry if i missed some of you. MD is a free game because of each one of you supporting it, however the following people reached a record :)

Top Credit Holders (sorted desc.): Zleiphneir, Ailith, Kyphis, Dayredeemer, Akasha, BigC, Mystic, *Shemhazaj*, Azull, MRG, sasha lilias, Shoeps, Asterdai, Tsenn, Shawn P, Yoshi, Metal Bunny, Ratbert, Soddi, Eon, MRInquisitor, Laz, Nava, Calyx of Isis, Laphers, Black Thron, phantasm, yrthilian, L*******, *Shadowseeker*.

Ann. 1563 - [2010-08-01 02:00:04 - Stage 10]
Head contest ended
The contest ended, first 3 positions in each MP group received their reward consisting of important skill and stats improvements, players received medals according to the contest rules. The medals are given as acknowledgement of their perseverence and skill. The players that won the contest are MisterE, WHIsper, AeonWolfX, Hobart, Zleiphneir, Seigheart, Sinister Minister, The Moon, Eon, Sharpwind, ERO, kask. Thank you all for participating and see you again at the next contest...and remember, the head contest is UNFAIR :)


offtopic remarks about eon:
seems eon paranoia hunts this topic too. it makes me sick. eon plays by the rules and amuses himself on your fear. I have to say i enjoy to see that. This is ofc a very personal opinion and i can't take any official stand regarding it. I rarely look at players supporter status (its usualy when i am about to ip ban them). I NEVER get influenced by how much a player pays and those of you that dared to email me with lines like "i am a paying member", know very well my style of telling them to fuck off politely, or less politely. Eon is not under my protection more than his role as contest organizer allows. md server is not running because of eons money, how you so rudely put it, but because of the payments of all of you that pay anything. In md there are people that never paid a $ but got things others never managed to get after spending lots, and players that spent lots but don't become gossip subject because they don't cause 'mess' like eon. You have a problem with eon, face it, dont blame me on a potential 'protection' i might be ofering him.
i am seriously thinking to quadruple eons stat damage to the point that he will be able to null anyone stats within a week. In my opinion, eon did probably the best favor to the md community any fighter ever did. I am still waiting for a quester to balance his actions on the other side. In his way he makes you reach an absurd situation , a situation where you might finally realise that MD is not just about fighting and getting stats. If after eon 'period', all players that are blindly obsessed about their stats and run in panic from statdamage will go bye bye, it means that only those that put more focus on other aspects of MD will remain. I am refering to things that make you think, that create activities, that stimulate creativity. For example, trying to draw the level 2 grasan was anyhow affected by eon? Raising resource producting creatures will anyhow affected by eon? Eon hits in your fear and in some cases in your ego, he is not ruining md, YOU are through your reactions.

What happens with eon is a phenomenon that happens very often in rl. Now stay still a second and look at the big picture. A large majority of md population is crying and pointing the finger at eon 'destroying the game'. Even if you are so many, you are incapable of doing two things. One thing is to realise that what eon 'affects' just a fraction of what you should care about in md, and the other, most important thing you fail to see is that you are so united when it comes to complaining together but you are not so united anymore when it comes to solve the issue yourself.