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Hush the Giant
Player ID: 131633
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Regeneration : 12
Energetic immunity : 10
Trade sense : 6
Briskness : 15
Initiative : 6
Defence : 28
Attack : 46
Power : 11
Luck : 2
Principle of Light = 94
Element Principle = 92
Time Principle = 48
Principle of Syntropy = 24
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Battle stats
Won: 237 | Lost: 431
Honor: 5000
MindPower: 4
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Hush, the Giant

He grows taller everyday, his height outstripping his mass so that he begins to look like a caraciture of a gangly teenager.  He's fully a head taller than average now.  His hands and feet are too big for his body, suggesting he has some growing left to do.

If you try to speak to him, he only covers his mouth with his hand and shakes his head; points to his throat and shakes his head.


He has started to acquire some things.  For weapons and armor he really has nothing - nothing really fits.  But he has a golden locket, absurdly small in his meaty fist.  He'll show you the outside but won't let you open it.  Its engraved, "From your father."

He has also a small purple flower, pressed in a book.  The book is called "The Book of Khalazdad," but he can't read it any more than he can read the inscription on his locket.

He also has a picture...


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Of course, he can't say who it is or why he has it, but he'll blush if you ask.

Some of my creatures
Elemental IV Rupert Whisper Silence. Hollow Warrior

Hate List?
He only covers his mouth with his hand, shaking his head, then points to his throat, shaking his head again.

Page 358 - The Inner Sun - Noo.
The substance drips off No One’s limbs in long strands which tear at his flesh. No One screams as his body oozes and is stripped to the very bone. He wheels around wildly, continuing to melt. Yet, he cannot run nor can feel or hear anything. He rolls his eyes to the sky, which has turned jet black, to avoid the sight of his naked bones. His screams echo only in his head. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
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