It would appear that a fate has befallen me that I could nary have predicted, and with my lack of memory of the incident, hopefully, nary have stopped. It would appear that I have been shipwrecked upon this wondrous island. I gaze at the cross upon my sail and wonder if I am a man of God, perhaps it is the will of God that I am dashed upon the rocks like the daughters of Babylon, perhaps it is the will of The Beast.

I have been upon this island for 4 days. It seems that there are others like me here, but they wander without solid form until they speak. I see through my eyes as though I am whole, though I fear that I too am but mist in this sparse land. There is one who is sold, corporeal, and he claims he can take me to "The Mainland". I wonder if I shall find shape there? 

Strife has found me again, and it has found me lacking. Two people have attacked me so far, and when they attacked I found us both to solidify and fight a battle of the soul, through aspects of the heart. Never before I felt so connected to someone than when fighting like this. Perhaps this relates to the "balance" that i'm informed by my gut is so intrinsic to this place. Perhaps the only way to grow here, is through the connections of men.

Permanent shape still alludes me, but this place is far grander than I could have imagined, there are many people here who have forms. I am beginning to remember more about what caused me to come ashore on the tiny island now so far away. I think my ship was victim of far more than foul weather, I think we sailed into something far more powerful, and far more old. Perhaps more of my crew survived? 

Loreroot, Marinds Bell, Golemus Golemicarium, Necrovion, No Mans Land. The names of the grand lands of this world. Today I have taken a risk and left letters for a grand Knight at the bridge to Golemus who my gut told me was named Ryan. I left another letter for a grand man of form named Azull, whom my gut told me was a man of great power, or perhaps he once was. Either way, I see to visit all the lands, perhaps Ryan's Golemus and Azull's Necrovion first.