The Warrior

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Comments on Self

Physical Profile

Height: 6'7''
Build: Reasonably Toned
Skin Colour: Tanned
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Orange
RP Ability(s): Temporary shape-shift to Sludge-Form

About Me

My aims:

  • To be hounorable
  • To win battles
  • Not to die(Obviously)
  • To upgrade my creatures to the max.
  • To play by the rules
  • To forgive and forget
  • And be the best I know I can be.


I am not a warrior.
I am The Warrior.

This is my story, starting for the last thing I remember...

Pain. Desperate pain. Utter Destuction. Nothing. No light, no dark, no colour, no time, no senses, no mind, no being, nothing. And then a voice. I could hear a voice. I could hear. I had senses! But still I saw nothing. I had to be a being - so there was a being, me. And I had a mind to work that out. All of that passed, so therefore there must be time. So there was time. I must be able to see something otherwise I'd be going mad with my mind unable to comprehend utter nothing. So I saw something. Light, darkness and colours swam into my vision.

I remembered. I had escaped from deep inside my own mind; hidden from my own knowledge. I had been possesed by the same thing that had caused me all that pain. It had used me to cause great destruction. My world was gone. I was floating between gigantic orbs of rock, ice, water, air, and fire... and nothing. I hate nothing. I ran. Floated away from that huge orb of nothing.

I was still floating and had been for a very long time, I don't know exactly how long for I nothing to measure time. Then before me was a burst of light. Death was what I thought it was. I was floating directly for it. I looked into it. A window is how I'd describe it. I looked down into a colourless realm. I fell.

That is how I came to MagicDuel. I then fashioned myself a new name. I have learned some of the skills the possessive being has left me with. My primary aim is to destroy that being.

My Wishes

  • To be an RPC or at least PWR.
  • To be able to create Quests and bestow awards.
  • The ability to prevent someone from being able to attack
  • To own a Drachorn
  • To have access to all lands

MD 8th Birthday Quest: I've lost my marbles!


I was walking through the accessible lands the other day, just meandering about, trying to find something to do, when I turned back on myself and saw a marble glistening on the path. The marble looked very much like one of my own, so I put it in my pocket with all my others, only to find it fall straight through and roll away somewhere. I have lost all my marbles, I can't even remember how many there were.

Please could you help me by "Search"-ing for my marbles around MD.

The Warrior

Forum Link

I'm starting to remember things. I once left a record of the number of marbles I have in a hut. Once you think you've done try searching there.