I am the Loreroot Tourism Department, speak to me about it.
I don't want to show you my stats page, deal with it.
I'm always happy to speak with people and to help in any way that I can.
However, if you are a rude and ignorant person you will be ignored / treated with extreme sarcasm.

My advice for other people:
  1. Be patient!
  2. Learn to think in metaphors and riddles, you will need to.
  3. Don't get frustrated over combat, combat doesn't really affect anything else, anyway.  It's mostly there for when you're bored in MD.
  4. Do every quest that you have time for and looks interesting to you, even if you think you don't stand a chance of winning.
  5. Ask for advice, but don't complain if somebody tells you it's a spoiler.
  6. Be nice to the people who deserve it.
  7. Ignore the immature jerks.
  8. Never, EVER forget that this is a game.  Enjoy it.