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Player ID: 78095
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Regeneration : 75
Energetic immunity : 112
Trade sense : 59
Briskness : 78
Initiative : 53
Defence : 202
Attack : 256
Luck : 44
Power : 80
Volition : 18
Cartography : 10
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Sun God Armour
Principle of Balance = 580
Principle of Enthropy = 193
Principle of Imagination = 556
Time Principle = 78
Principle of Syntropy = 248
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Battle stats
Won: 566 | Lost: 1338
Honor: 3597
MindPower: 5
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                        My memories....shrouded in mists objects appear in my minds eye....a box... being trapped....an angel or demon young and feminine...and crowds terror and anger...I fear my long term memory has been tampered or forced out of me I am a shadow of my former glory but my memory is lost in the mist I am searching for my memory wandering....looking, watching and listening...I feel drawn to the Light but will not chose for I know not who I truly am and will not go against my true nature...which I DON'T KNOW!!! so I must sit in the middle of both until I remember.  
       Thus far I have found a few to help and aid me...A few who think they are using me...and one enemy, though a few are undecided whether they should be my enemy but make no open action yet, they are the wisest for they are courteous but leery with just cause for "Who is this shadow in the mist?" I've appeared out at the gates unknown to all (least of all myself) and yet some how met all the right people and know too much...I only know what I do from my wanderings and searching for myself..When you know nothing of yourself you find and devour all knowledge as much and as quick as you can in hopes and fear it maybe part of you...For what if you search and browsed half-heartedly only to find out that it was part of your life then if you go back and its gone then you have lost a part of yourself...

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            I approach the gazebo of chaos and my head starts pounding harder with each step I take towards it till the pain is unbearable..shaking in pain i must turn away for now...I wander back the way i came... Eventually I find myself wandered into the archives where my mind is racing and bouncing from thought to idea to theories I am kept to busy with different things the haze from my mind is slowly pushed back as long as I am not trying to think on the past....A new thought has entered my mind..What if my past doesnt matter? Attending a prefestival party I was beckoned my Calyx of Isis the dojo mistress and (as well as many others in attendance) for a kiss, my mind raced and fought against itself to remember another kiss from another world racking headaches and sleepless nights followed and even now all i have is a scent of jasmine.... The smell grows stronger and I am growing weaker each day i fear my time is short everything is taking more and more effort...a constant throbbing fills my head now... Slowly while in reverie a my mind recalls the beautiful woman her name was Sabrina a great paladin my love whom I lost many years ago. My friends are slowly drifting...as are my emotions...
           I feel a new dawn approaching and as it does I feel myself being reawakened a trickle of memories tantalizingly close to being rediscovered.
          The memories flood back at an astonishing rate overwhelming me and sending me over the brink of insanity  my mind is no longer my own my thoughts and actions random and chaotic as my memories used to be.
-Shadow in the mist
Some of my creatures
Sucker KC Hollow Warrior Walking Tree Majestic Winderwild Chaos Archer Grasan Huvourer


Page 560 - One Man, Many voices
As the day drew to a close the alignment began to show the moon in the world. The shades look on greedily as it transitioned into a red globe. The time was nearing. The old man explained that this human, Aia, would be holding a service in their honour. Wary at the idea of their voice leaving Necrovion but lusting at the promised power they agreed and helped him to the location. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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