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The Unknown One
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Tigre Rugidor
Padishar Creel
Legend Knight
Maitreyi Devi
Sehanine Moonbow
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Phantom Orchid
Player ID: 141255
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Regeneration : 265
Luck : 115
Energetic immunity : 335
Trade sense : 165
Briskness : 287
Initiative : 208
Defence : 991
Attack : 1655
Power : 316
Experimentalism : 1
Woodcutting : 17
Herbalism : 0
Filtering : 2
Finesse : 0
Volition : 32
Cartography : 7
Mining : 0
*excavation : 0
Waterhandling : 0
Demon Set
Sun God Armour
Silver Set
Element Principle = 2135
Principle of Imagination = 4000
Principle of Balance = 4000
Darkness Principle = 1677
Time Principle = 1
An illusory dreamer who travels across the sands of Time manipulating darkness into a colorful sense of beauty.
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Battle stats
Won: 2272 | Lost: 2778
Honor: 445
MindPower: 5

Children of the Eclipse
The oneness of your housing is at 2 %

Unfolding the Cube

A collaborative adventure in writing and art;

A quest of sensible creativity and imaginative insanity.

Participants must be able to upload some form of original artwork (drawings, paintings, etc.).

Sign up here! 

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The moon swung about the earth year after year,

century after century,

until so much Time piled up behind them

that it could not be easily counted.

One day,

the Moon realized she was in love with the Earth,

and strove to meet him.

She reached out with her loving arms

and caught the sea.

The Sea pulled at her as strongly as she on it,

and into the sea she plunged.

The earth shook and was riven,

and all things living were made to suffer,

and the seas boiled and the land melted,

and a great chunk of the world spun off into the sky.

There in the sky,

that piece of world cooled and grew fat,

and there became a new moon

that spun round and round the handsome earth,

piling up Time behind it.


Page 173 - The Shade Ballance - Alc.
The view of the pile of dust fades away and Alche sees now himself walking towards a door of light. Passing the door makes him realise that he exited one of the several pyramids on top of mount Kelle'tha. He walks forward and see someone else walking towards him. "Who is that..it looks ...oh no..it is...ME!!" Confused by his new state of existence, and by the appearance of himelf exiting at the same time each pyramid, Alches ability to judge the moment is blocked and makes him simply accept and follow the events. Everything is like a weird dream for him. ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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