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Player ID: 91545
~Register to the game as an adept of this player~
Regeneration : 4126
Energetic immunity : 14198
Trade sense : -450
Briskness : -404
Initiative : 2747
Defence : -99
Attack : 9692
Power : 1426
Luck : 383
Herbalism : 18
Finesse : 2
Waterhandling : 1
Woodcutting : 1
Gardening : 0
Volition : 445
Cartography : 17
*excavation : 4
Mining : 0
Silver Set
Medusa Ceremonial Armour
Element Principle = 402
Darkness Principle = 3601
Time Principle = 3921
Principle of Balance = 315
Principle of Enthropy = 4000
Patrols Necrovion wasteland and murders anyone in his path.
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Battle stats
Won: 7042 | Lost: 7009
Honor: -389
MindPower: 5
You are not yet a member of any alliance
Wish List:
  • Item/spell to resurrect the dead
  • Illusion to turn dead

Before you stands a ghastly figure, balancing on the thin tightrope between life and death.

Magic Duel Persona
Some of my creatures
Elemental V Revolted Skill Vampire Water Daimon III Chaos Archer Master of Puppets Pimped Grasan Unholy Pope Imperial Aramor Assassin Knator War Master Angien Sentinel Master Lorerootian Archer Walking Tree

The hated list

I hate hate

I never thought I would ever really hate, but now I'm not certain any more.
I won't hate an other person easily, nor will my anger last forever.

I hate having a grudge.

With time passing by I've started to fear my past.
The fear for my past caused me to fear my future.

I hate fear.

While writing this list my mind slowly gets clouded.
Looking at this list I write down one more thing.

I hate this list

To be continued...


Know the saying tree is a crowd? Well, I don't like crowds.

Magic Duel Persona

Learning how to fight?

You might find some useful information here.

Don't forget you can NOT lose personal XP by fighting on mp3/4 and on mp3 you can't lose XP by sacrificing either.

Learning about MD history?

The Adventure Log is the most important documentation of old history. You can find a version grouped by chapter here.

Another important source of information is the archives.

If you can't find what you're looking for try looking at the wikia or the forum.

Magic Duel Persona

Page 362 - The Inner Sun - Bo., Tar., Iam.
“The message has been sent to my spymaster. He is quite capable; he will succeed.” Bootes still looks uneasy, but Tarquinus reassures him: “Think of the greater good.” The two men sit in silence before Bootes smiles and says, “It’s Possible Bored Has even forgotten he Has it. There is Another Who wishes to help Us, as well.” ...
This story involves real player characters and updates every few hours.
Read the rest of the story in the game...you could become part of it

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