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Ann. 1516 Priority: 2 [2010-06-07 21:24:50 - Stage 10]
New kingship items are ready allowing kings to excommunicate, jail and revoke citizenships of their citizens. This time, kings are requested to find me in-game to get their items, otherwise they won't get them. A good reason to actually move a bit from your "holly" throne and search a bit :D. Regarding usage of this ultra powerful items, since they are effective only on citizens of their land, kings can use them as they see fit. There is a limit of 100 uses on them, after that, the items return to me and i will give them back after reviewing for what reasons they were used and on what people. Untill the item exhausts its uses, no investigation will be performed to judge the reasons a king has to act on the citizens of his land. If after the 100 uses the item was missused (in my opinion alone), that particular ability will be revoked for that king for a period of time. This will affect the stability of the land and the kings reputation, but lets hope it willl never happen.