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Ann. 1519 Priority: 2 [2010-06-08 11:56:01 - Stage 10]
Excommunication period and asylum
An unforeseen aspect of the king jailing ability was the jail time. I hereby put the default jail time for being jailed by your king to a period of two weeks. In special cases kings may negotiate this time with me , but only for good reasons on rare occasions. If someone gets out of jail sooner than he should (escapes) , his penalty will be increased to a lot more and if he does it again he received a permanent IP ban. Careful how a small penalty can turn into a much bigger one, jail is jail, not a tourist attraction.

Note: This update was made to clear the situation of Princ Rhaegar that got out of jail as soon as he was placed in. I will move him back without any aditional penalty because this matter was not very clear yesterday, but make sure it won't happen again

Note 2: To solve the matter of rebellion and prevent kings from silencing people on political reasons by putting them to jail, a jailed player can do his jail time outside the jail if an other king grants him political asylum and support for his cause for a limited time.