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Ann. 1616 Priority: 1 [2010-09-15 18:16:16 - Stage 10]
dst vs Fenrir Greycloth Trial Verdict
This has been ongoing for some time and finally a complete verdict has been made. dst accused Fenrir of harrassment, slander and threats, followed quickly by a counter claim by Fenrir. Both were requested to send evidence of their claims and a jury of their peers was called on. Examining the evidence, the verdict was as follows:
Fenrir was found guilty of all charges. There was particular mention of his threats and slander being 'out of MD', sexist and vulgar. It was decided that he had gone too far in his attacks and had contravened rules laid out by Mur on this matter.
dst was found innocent of all charges. It was noted that Fenrir had not sent sufficient evidence to prove his allegations. Despite there being mention of provcation by dst, it was decided that all her actions were kept in MD and were not breakings any rules.
Fenrir Greycloth is hereby punished to a month in jail, which will be counted from the day of his return, and a removal of his tag and description. Any repeat of the same offence by Fenrir or any alt of Fenrir will result in imprisonment of all his accounts.