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Ann. 1659 Priority: 2 [2010-11-11 02:42:40 - Stage 10]

King and Citizen rules update

Rebel Citizens - official way to protest against land leadership

Kings now have 4 lives

Citizens punished by the king, or opposing the king (rebels), can open a dispute regarding a kings decision. If the decision proves to be abusive or based on no actual reason, the king will get one bad point out of a maximum of four. Please note that not all dispute requests will be accepted, just those about serious acts. The penalty points of a king can be for anything that makes that king a bad king for his land, but will not be given easily. Kings authority will be officialy protected and supported, and there won't be a fair trial of each of the kings mistakes, but certain things that go over the line will be sanctioned. Examples: long time inactivity and ignorance towards his land, abusive and unjustified jailing, bad language or verbal abuse in public places, repeated corruption that goes beyonf kings role, actions that ended up to affect his land in a bad way, abuses against rebels, etc

More details about this will be on the rules pages of each land. Questions will be answered on the forum.