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Ann. 1901 Priority: 1 [2011-07-10 03:22:19 - Stage 10]
I issued a special decree to jail Sadowseeker for guessing secret stuff and sharing that guess work with others, ignoring he might be right. He successfully found out details about ongoing, unreleased and unannounced features, with details. As you can realize this is obviously the most uncommon Jail reason in MD history, yet it is a jail. To be released if he manages to get out anyhow, or then the feature he anticipates gets fully implemented (a matter of days). Till then he should be regarded as any convict :D . Don't mistaken the reasons, he actually did nothing that could be jail reason for any of you, yet some people in md could occasionaly get involved in activities that could reach this end, only via a special decree, announced properly, signed as an item too. (funny, laugh!, :D now shh, its serious)