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Ann. 1989 Priority: 1 [2011-08-18 22:05:15 - Stage 10] Posted By Mur
Jester's Fate
Summary: King Jester decided to jail/excommunicate himself and also summoned in prison a large part of MD population, using tools meant to be used for kingship. As a king, he had already 2 penalty points. Necrovion is in partial chaos, being the land with most rebels, and also lost a guild recently.

Result: For abusing kingship tools and using them on non-citizens, Jester received an other penalty point (3/4 now). For ending up in jail as a convict of his own actions, he loses his rights and by that all his kings tools and abilities, including verbal rights to demand things for his land. He keeps his crown however, and by that Necrovion reaches a delicate political state. King Jester is to be "hanged by the neck till dead" probably or will reach an other outcome (have to decide, things still in progress). Necrovion fate will be announced next.