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Ann. 2017 Priority: 1 [2011-09-19 15:29:32 - Stage 11] Posted By Mur
Decision regarding the cyber-sex incident:
According to announcement no.1260, cyber-sex and related activities are not to be allowed in MD chat. The activity itself is of no concern to me but its consequences, considering the wide range of ages and cultures present in MD, are highly dangerous because of reasons i already detailed. For disregarding an announced rule and conducting named activities, the following players are sentenced to one week of jail: Innocence, Csyth Krytill, Dragual Monarth, Princess Katt.
For causing too much mess about this and turning it into a personal fight, when there was no need to, dst is sentenced also to one week of jail, as a cummulative punishment for her way of causing scandals, not for commiting an actual crime. Both punishments should be also considered with a warning "next time will be worse".