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Ann. 2090 Priority: 1 [2011-11-16 03:52:34 - Stage 11] Posted By Mur
Today I heared MRAlyon celebrates 1000 active day with 100% activity. This sounds less than it actually is. Imagine for over 3 years, every single day, day by day, logging in not to 'lose the day'. I thought to check realm-wide to see a statistic of all players in similar situation and here it is: Highest activity percentage . The filters are quite high, in order to show just the top of the top. Many of you have 98% or are very close to this top, so don't feel bad you don't show on this automated list, it is purely informative. It is not a list showing how involved some are but just a list to show those with highest percentage of active days. Congratulations to those all that 'fight' daily to keep their days. It is a sign of loyalty that I respect very much.
NOTE: the list includes players from all times, not just those still 'alive'