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Ann. 2169 Priority: 1 [2012-01-14 18:26:44 - Stage 11] Posted By Council
Clarification about being Jailed
Currently the list of people who have Jail are:
Muratus del Mur

The list is the same for unjailing, except BFH who does not have the unbanned spell.

If someone jails you, they should take responsibility to inform you of the time period of the sentence and the reason. When the time period is over you should contact the person who jailed you to request to be unjailed. The person who jailed you should respect any and all ways to personally communicate with them. This includes messages on the forum and in game, but does not apply to generic Mood panel status' asking to be removed. You must specifically contact them and ask to be unjailed.

For any Council bannings you should email us ( stating you would like to be freed from jail.

You should be dealing with the person who jailed you when you want to be unjailed, anyone else with the unjail spell has no obligation to unjail you once the sentence is over except us who will unban anyone if contacted. If your sentence has finished you can email us and we shall get back to you and unjail you.

Muratus del Mur has the unjail spell as part of his role, but since he is busy and harder to contact, we shall deal with all of his unjailing as long as you send us an email saying why you were jailed, and asking to be freed. Your request to be unjailed will be faster contacting us than him.

If someone is prolonging the sentence, acting unfairly with their powers or not following the rules you can always confidentially contact us regarding the matter.

We hope this has cleared up some points regarding being Jailed.