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Ann. 2920 Priority: 1 [2014-02-21 21:50:58 - Stage 12] Posted By Mur
Releasing accounts banned for ages
Ristash was unbanned. The ban was for abusing WP. The reason i unbanned him is that the effects of the abuse where canceled back then, with minimal ripple effects, and the fact that his owner still cares about that account several years later is acceptable reason for me to release that charater. A permanent ban sentence is the ultimate punishment and is given more easy to less active or new accounts than to veteran accounts. Any ban/jail sentence is debatable after several years as long as the claim comes from the initial owner with full honesty and details. This does not mean that any permanently banned account will be released as it is after several years, this depends on the facts of each individual case. You could recover the name, some things from the account, everything, or nothing at all.