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Ann. 2931 Priority: 2 [2014-02-27 02:07:41 - Stage 12] Posted By Chewett
Public Council Disbanded

After discussion with the public, Council, Mur and other influential figured I have decided that the Public Council test will be stopped. It is hard to find a number of figures that have the organisational abilities and knowledge of MD to be able to fully run MD while letting the public choose these players. Mur said this issue would occur and gave that as one of the reasons why he personally chose each member of the Hidden Council. It was an interesting test.

The members of the PC did a good job however due to a lack of organisation and members going inactive for various reasons they did not manage to accomplish what I hoped they would be able to do in the time they were active.

In place of the PC I shall be forming smaller groups of interested people in various areas to do the work that the PC was hoped to perform. Keep an eye out for announcements.