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Ann. 3180 Priority: 2 [2014-11-17 21:39:13 - Stage 12] Posted By Mur
Following a series of disagreements between me and them, all council members have resigned. The council therefore has been disbanded. I thank the Council for the incredible efforts put over the past years and for keeping MD alive and organizing it so well. Council members anonymity will be kept secret at all costs, as promised to them when joining.

I shall rule MD alone, with Chewett as second in command. As of now, Chew will be able to take high level administrative decisions, jail, punish, reward, modify and do whatever he pleases in MD, as long as his decisions won't interfere with mine. Chewett's ruling over MD is _independent_ of mine, you should not pass him messages for me or so. My way of ruling MD does not fit with anything that was done in past years, i shall do changes and take decisions that might shock many of you, expect drastic measures. I will not rule md in a democratic way.