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Ann. 3582 Priority: 2 [2015-06-20 11:04:11 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
New dawn for the MP6
A total redesign of the mp6 level is pending. It would be a good time for people that where granted over the time the right to become mp6 at request (because they where mp6 for a long time while mp6 was not fully implemented), to use this right. Contact me on FORUM if so. Because new mp6 is totally different than what you might have expected, i will make a short introduction to any possible mp6 interested and let you decide if to become mp6 now or not. Current mp6 will be informed as well and asked if they want to remain mp6 in the new setup.

Note: This does not take into account any discussions about how to modify current mp6, i am not sure at this moment if the functionality of the current mp6 will be kept as an other level or what will happen exactly, yet.