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Ann. 3739 Priority: 2 [2015-12-10 00:51:33 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
Review of unfair use of Jail spell and escaping from Jail
I have reviewed the process of Jailing Eon after a excommunication and escape and have some comments to make.

These comments, overrule announcements previous regarding jailing and excommunication, If there is any confusion please talk to me about them.

Jail is designed so that there are some ways to escape. However when you escape you should be tagged as an escapee and therefore people should be able to grab you and return you. If you have escaped and are not grabbable then that is a bug. In cases where the punishment is minor or in excommunication cases we will not extend the jail time by escaping. In these cases Jailing is more part of your own roleplay and it is not intended to stop you playing the game or a major punishment.

Jail is important to be escaped from and there is a puzzle currently in Jail that should work, but Mur never finished it. This may seem paradoxical but Jail should not be stopping you play, but be an extension of roleplay. This will be worked on to make Jail a little more interesting. There are some cases where Jail is intended to stop you playing the game, in these cases we will be more strict about returning you to jail. These cases will be decided by the game admins here. Grido made a big mistake by performing the action by himself and not getting any clarification from myself. In this case I would have told him that he should work on getting Eon returned fairly rather than jailing him.

Currently excommunication does not work with the tag changes Mur put into the game. I have been working on improving how the system sees a "jailed" person but will not be fixing excommunication now as I am working on Christmas. Because of this I shall be "jailing" him so that the system sees him as an official "jail member". This is not a new punishment but merely swapping the broken excommunication to a more proper "jailing". This will leave him to act as a proper excommunicated member (and escape and continue the roleplay if he wishes).

To recognise that Grido unfairly jailed him, I have halved the time I expect him to remain jailed, backdated. In a week from when Grido originally excommunicated him I will unjail him and remove the jail tag. I will be talking with Grido to see if we can stop this problem happening again.