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Ann. 3875 Priority: 2 [2016-03-15 06:59:01 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
Land Loyalty Change
Land loyalty will count 1 point for the land you are citizen of (what it does now), plus 2 points for the land you are located on. This is intended so that more popular lands will gain higher loyalty values for multiple people, while other less traveled lands will increase more the loyalty of those that stay more in those remote places. It is also a way to get land loyalty for lands you are not a citizen of, something impossible till now. It is 2 points so that being a citizen alone but not visiting your land too often, will not be enough to lead in loyalty points over others that might not be citizens but might stay longer on that land. Future features will bring alliance takeover tools and more land specific tools based on land loyalty, making land loyalty a very important score. Land loyalty will grow by 3 points for a citizen staying on his own land. I am open to a debate if allowing an "outsider" to be able to gain more score than a citizen that is traveling on other lands, is healthy to the gameplay or not. (i don't care if its convenient, i care if its well balanced and a good mixture of opportunities for both good and bad actions)