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Ann. 4017 Priority: 2 [2016-04-25 05:29:18 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
Creature Fenths are now usable
Creature Fenths created with the Creature Fenth Encapsulator, OR obtained through mixing of various ingredients into a forked combiner, can now be used to create the creature they define in their fenths memory. The blueprints of a creature include also tokens, name and more, but no age, logs or creature ID, these values will be new as it is a new creature. With Creature Fenth Encapsulators and Creature Fenths functional, the next step is to create mixing combinations for creating various types of creatures. This will be the future, only way, of obtaining some breeds of creatures. To create a creature from a creature capsule (fenths), you will need Wiiya resource, thanks samon for the suggestion. Wiiya as a concept fits perfectly with the other 'ingredients' for creating a creature.
"Fenth are matter stripped by everything else, Heat is energy, power stripped by any identity (pure), Wiiya is identity stripped of matter and energy" - all these used to store creature idnetity and bring it back in a new body later.

Note that the potential uses of this new tool are much greater. For example this can be used as a portable item to reward creatures or even create illusion creatures of limited time use. Combiners that will give access to these new tools will be prepared next time i will work on combiner setups.
This is an other big step forward for the A25 series of game changes.