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Ann. 4056 Priority: 2 [2016-05-13 05:59:06 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
The Shmsh Dwelling
Next to the Aramory in Nomans land, you can find a Shmsh Dwelling where you can create your own little Shmsh larvas to grow. the shmsh will require second level resources, those produced by the Grasan industry such as Fat, Skin, Solid stench but also a byproduct that appears in various other places or from expired products, Garbage. With these 3 ingredients, REGARDLESS of their qantity, you can obtain a Shmsh Fenth. The fenth will require a bit of rainwater if you wish to bring it to life and get your very own Shmsh to raise and educate. For feedback regarding the cost of obtaining this crit, or anythign else, please use the forum. Currently there is a situation regarding the availability of Wiiya in the realm, the main ingredient to obtain all those nasty Grasan products, but it will soon be resolved. Enjoy!
Note: Thanks go to Junior for helping me setup and test this dwelling. Any issues about it (there might be some issues currently) please discuss them with him first.