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Ann. 4059 Priority: 2 [2016-05-15 07:20:06 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
Tool Guardians on duty!
10 new roles have been assigned. The Guardians of Tools will guard the shared item dispatchers and make sure shared tools won't be abused or sabotaged. They can forcefully take back the tools you got from their guarded dispatcher and lock you down for a long time, if they think you abuse them in any way. Further instructions or details about how they should perform their role can be specified by the land leaders / Kings if needed. They should guard the tools from abuse, not from people they personally dislike or from non citizens. Tools of a land can be grabbed by non citizens too, unless they are limited by land loyalty. That said, I am hoping that the Guardians won't do abuses of their own. The following Guardians have been named:

Valoryn - Wasps Totem
*Miq* - Golemus Kelletha Mt
Tal -Ravenhold
Neno Veliki - Necrovion Deathmarrow
Klawdees - Marinds Bell Passage of War
nadrolski - Winds Sanctuary
Esmerelda - MDA Public bath
No one - Tribunal kitchen
Mallos - Tribunal pub
Nimrodel - Tea market

The Legislator tools have not been tested. If you have any issues with them, or any question related to your role, please send them to Mallos. He will help me get all this nicely centralized and help me avoid repeating same thing to each one of you. This is a role that has two peak points during a month, when shared tools get recalled and people head towards the dispatchers to grab them. Be advised that later, it is possible to have a more automated way of obtaining this role, because this will become a publicly available role at some point, through the tag dispatchers. Current guardians will have an obvious advantage to keep their role once this will happen, but only if they proved to do it well. Further evolution from this role will be possible, also via tag dispatchers at a later time.
Have fun!