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Ann. 4290 Priority: 2 [2017-07-06 01:45:18 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
Looking for a single quest
I am looking for a single quest to be used to test the new quest interface I am working on. There are several requirements that the quest needs to fulfil:
The quest will be something that, if it works well, will be permanent and might become the first part of the chained quests.
Anyone is welcome to participate, please send me the details of your quest on the forum. I will close this once I am happy we have a quest which will work and be interesting. No preference will be given to any player (e.g. if you already have a chained quest that fits you wont be given preference over a new quest).

If you have a chained quest that fits feel free to submit that but depending on the amount of work it requires (by you and me) it might not fit. Any questions can be sent to me. If I get lots of common ones I will update you on the forum.