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Ann. 4341 Priority: 2 [2017-11-19 18:04:34 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
Registration is working again
After most of a days worth of work registration is working again! I revamped how it does most things and removed over 350 issues with old code doing things the old way.

It looks like a recent server upgrade to modify how we manage our PHP installations lost some of the required settings. I am going to continue working on bringing back functionality we lost. For the moment the only thing we appear to be missing now is the geolocation facility (which won't be too missed... or will it? post a forum thread if you care, or don't, about it please).

If there are any issues with it please send me a mail, but I have created 78 accounts testing the new code so I am quite sure its ok for the moment!

Thanks to everyone that reported the issue.