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Ann. 4434 Priority: 1 [2018-03-26 03:20:25 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
A favour or a curse, Mindpower 7 item for Fang
Fang has been given a personal item which will elevate him to Mindpower 7 when used. This has been given at the cost of 1 wishpoint. The cost, which the item itself is worth much more than 1 WP, is because he originally had this ability but lost it. Asking for this ability for 1 WP would be an immediate no.

There are a number of restrictions including a longish cooldown and a personal mission given to him from both Mur and I. This is attempt number 2 for Fang on having access to Mindpower 7 so he is aware of the significance of this item.

However in the coming months I will be changing Mindpower 7 quite significantly so he, along with the other MP7 testers will be able to test the new changes. If you are one of the testers and wish to discuss plans, or just wish to discuss them please contact me.

As we wish to see what he is going to do with this I have decided to revive him. This is a personal decision and one I look forward to seeing some interesting things come of it. Its up to you Fang now.