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Ann. 4456 Priority: 1 [2018-04-18 01:06:15 - Stage 13] Posted By Chewett
The Mystery Tournament 3 - Experience the illusion rework for yourself
Being able to run a tournament requiring specific creatures has always caused issues for those who do not keep a stock of them. Therefore for a long time now I have been planning tournaments using the illusion system. Before these were impossible due to the poor state of the illusion system. After the rework that has occurred over the past months I have been able to get it into a stable state where you can be given a number of creatures to fight with, preleveled to whatever you need.

It just so happened that Sunfire appeared at the right time with his tournament and has graciously agreed to help test them out. If you wish to use them and want to participate in Sunfires tournament you will be put into an illusion mode and be given a range of creatures to use.

A small reminder: This will be the first large-scale test of the illusion system since I have reworked it. I have done extensive testing locally and so far had no issues with it. If there is an issue with your account after the illusions please contact me and I will endevour to fix it. I have taken numerous backups to ensure I can restore any lost data.

This first test will only be giving you illusionary creatures, the second steps will be to modify stats however it is not currently safe to do so. I am going to need to disable access to the illusion system after the test so I can safely remove people from illusions they are currently in. Until this is done I cannot push out the next illusion changes.

For those participating, you might notice a new creature in the illusion setup, cid 65.