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Ann. 4549 Priority: 2 [2018-10-13 13:50:19 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
A25 tools progress
#startquest and #resetquest commands have been massively improved, and ready to 'glue' together all the things created through the A25 Questmaker tools, in order to allow quest creating and event organising. These commands can also be used to syncronize start and stop of an event/challenge/quest, being able now to influence all participants, or just those online in same location, and also move them in new location (for example where the challenge they started takes place)

#scatter command (used for the bombs), was also improved and is capable of better and more detailed interactions, better notifications, and also it can exclude players from the effects it has. This expands its potential use as not just a bomb type feature, but also something maybe magic related, where an item could affect all online players in a place, moving them away, or in a predefined place, while leaving one behind. (Fenths Press explosive devices are still in maintenance for now)