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Ann. 4556 Priority: 2 [2018-11-06 03:47:04 - Stage 13] Posted By Mur
Necrovion Gates temporary broken
Necovion Chaos unleashed. As of today, for an undefined period, no laws will govern Necrovion, nothing that happens there will be regulated, judged or restricted. Whatever you can do, you CAN do. You can claim/rename land, you can abuse your powers, your imagination is the limit, we will not interfere (nor help) during this period, and you will not be 'dealt with' after, regardless what you do. Unleash chaos or put things in (your) order, as you wish.

Be careful however, this applies only inside Necrovion borders....
Death patrol is requested not to use the powers granted for keeping Necrovion clean, during this time, but they are welcome to use any other power or ability they have to participate as they want in this event.
Changes to gate entrance cost, and other things done (or accepted/unlocked) during this event, will be made during the following day, but unannounced.
Have fun!