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Ann. 4585 Priority: 2 [2019-01-04 17:32:07 - Stage 14] Posted By Chewett
Stage 1 of "Big Changes" pushed out
The first stage of the big set of changes I have been working on has been pushed out today. This updates many many many pages to use a sleeker code interface designed so we can more easily upgrade to PHP 7.

This update includes the first piece of non flash animation (the activity bar is now fully HTML5 with some thanks to I am Bored for his help). The new caching system has also been integrated partially but turned into cacheless mode (so its online but not caching currently) which will resolve some browser caching issues all websites encounter.

The next steps are in order:
Fully move to the new database layer solution
Move over to PHP 7
Move over all Flash items

If you are experiencing problems (likely) make sure you clear your cached files, and if it continues post on discord if you are on it, to discuss the issue. Or if you are sure its an issue, report it on the forum.

Many thanks for your help and patience, Chewett and Mur